Plastic arts is one of the basic elements of all visual art, whether stereo or flat shape all play an important role. Plastic arts group branched out into pure art and applied art, the most distinctive in the country, it aims to enhance the students a variety of artistic expression and materials knowledge and experience, including basic learning all kinds of mediums, techniques of the craft. Deepening in the creative process observation and analysis skills, learning to combine different resources alone creative, expressing wish to convey ideas, using hands and speech will head knowledge, emotions, ideals, thoughts comprehensive mental activity expressed in different mediums , the plan in the face of communication with different works of contemporary issued by continuing the pursuit, diversification and specialization of the exhibition.

In the professional division of optional application art painting, pure art sculpture, or pottery, metalwork, weaving, lacquer crafts, more in-depth professional knowledge and ability, professional culture in the pursuit of self-sustained growth and learning have a rational attitude Thinking and problem solving talents.

Plastic arts great emphasis on creative freedom and open thinking, and certainly encourage students to pursue individual's unique style and diverse styles, welcome have interest, talent and talent of the future of cutting-edge science into this door, rich and diverse look and dimensions of the domestic arts .

Usually most of the arts employment direction (shape art, applied art work, a variety of process creation), by social context that come out of the unique thinking. But the enthusiasm with rich artistic education and education credits have been revised to obtain the graduates of teacher qualifications as a way out of long-term life plan, the country can be oriented in senior high school art teachers' work-related subjects. Such as the combination of social and business pulsating vein, for application of human factors Reflections art creation, strengthening industrial and commercial links with the merging of art, art director or designer can design related industries.